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Dr. Dieter Mensch DC
TrentonHouse Wellness Centre

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Welcome to my website. There are a number of approaches and techniques available to help you resolve your health issues and to help you function at a higher level of radiant health. First I am a chiropractor and as such, I have a holistic interpretation to the diagnosis and treatment of health problems, but that is still firmly grounded in evidence based medicine. I have a long time interest in acupuncture, both in the classical and modern anatomically rationalized applications. Auriculotherapy and Auricular Medicine also have ancient roots but were rediscovered, amplified, and brought into the modern age in the last few decades as effective diagnostic and therapeutic tools constantly confirmed and scientifically validated by tens of thousands of medical practitioners. Finally I am a long time student of Tai Chi Chuan and QiGong which have long been used to 'centre' the spirit and body, promote awareness, and boost health and longevity. It also provides a foundation for a formidable martial art.

- Dieter Mensch