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image of an ambulance at a car crash

Chronic Pain
and MVA's?

A pain that lasts longer than about three months is considered to be "chronic". The significance of recognizing a chronic pain from just pain is that the brain responds differently when pain becomes chronic. The messaging pathways and encoded chemistry of the brain that declares that you are in pain become more rigidly defined and therefore it becomes greatly more difficult to find successful treatment options that can give satisfactory relief.

I have included motor vehicle accidents (MVA's) on this page because a good percentage of chronic pain sufferers arrive in that state after serious motor vehicle accidents, and also because not enough people are aware that their chiropractor is often the health care professional best able to help them back to functional recovery and productive life activities.

Is There Any Help for Me?

I am fortunate to be working in the clinic of Dr. Igor Wilderman in Thornhill on Fridays. Dr. Wilderman is a physician with a special interest in chronic pain and has set up his clinic with a multidisciplinary staff. It is incredibly convenient and helpful to have other expert health care staff available at hand to consult and obtain the best and most effective health care. You can learn more at his website: (see under the "links" button). Of course my experience at the Thornhill clinic also helps me be a better chiropractor at my office in Trenton.

Dr. Wilderman