TrentonHouse Wellness Centre
7 Marmora St. Trenton, ON
613 965 0864

Wilderman Chronic Pain Clinic
8054 Yonge St. Thornhill, ON
905 886 1212

Dr. Dieter Mensch DC
TrentonHouse Wellness Centre

Slide Show

  • Dr. Mensch
    Dr. Mensch
  • a treatment room
    a treatment room
  • the reception room
    the reception room
  • acupuncture
    acupuncture needles
  • addictions
    stop smoking!
  • auriculotherapy
    auriculotherapy can also be done without needles
  • chiropractic
    chiropractic manipulation
  • halloween
    halloween at Dr. Wilderman's office
  • Wu Chien Chuan
    grandmaster Wu Chien Chuan 1870-1942
  • Dr. Wilderman
    Dr. Wilderman
  • Yonge St. office location
    the Thornhill office - 8054 Yonge St.
  • Trenton office and house
    Trenton office and house - 7 Marmora St.
  • reception staff
    reception staff

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